Karl Storz Light Source

Endoscopy is among the fastest evolving diagnostic techniques. A doctor uses an endoscope to view the body’s cavities and organs. In regular practice, endoscopy primarily views the gastrointestinal tract. However, this use can extend to view the colon, ear, nose, throat, urinary tract, abdomen, and heart. It uses an endoscope tool, a long thin tube, with a powerful light and tiny camera attached to one end. Depending on the incision point on the body, the endoscope can be rigid or flexible to conform to natural contours.

Karl Storz is one of the best endoscope manufacturers. For 75 years, the company has stood because of the quality and design of its products. Its  catalog contains:

Rigid optical endoscope- Inflexible and equipped with lenses. One end houses the lens while the other connects to an eyepiece and source of light. This end also supports a camera attachment.

A flexible optical endoscope, or the fiberscope, features a flexible stem made from an optical fiber material. It is, therefore, able to access difficult areas with precision. The lack of rigidity means it is more delicate.

Video-endoscope- Features a flexible stem but contains a CCD sensor on one end to capture high-quality images. It is used to view the prostate or polyps and may have more than a singular working channel.

A successful endoscopy requires more than a high-end endoscope. You also need flexible forceps to harvest tissue samples, biopsy forceps for excision, cytology brushes for collecting cell samples, and suture removal forceps to undo internal stitches. These are among the accessories made by Karl Storz. The manufacturer catalogs these products based on the nature of the procedure they enable.

Reasons for an Endoscopy

It is a cancer screening tool, notably in the GIT, to check for ulcerations that might lead to malignancy. A colonoscopy checks for polyps and removes them before they become cancerous.

To investigate symptoms or aid in a diagnosis- An endoscopy offers a more direct approach than laboratory tests and radiological imaging.

To treat- An endoscope is helpful in many different treatment scenarios. These include laparoscopic surgery, microwave ablation, and photodynamic therapy for tumor management. Others are medication delivery and laser therapy to destroy metastatic cells.

Karl Storz prides itself on its quality and precision. The company has thousands of products in its inventory, explaining why it has had such astounding success. The company is committed to improving endoscopy technology. Some advancements include:

Endoscopic Ultrasound– Practiced in gastroenterology to visualize the pancreas and bile ducts. It helps in diagnosing tumors and gallstones. It is more reliable than CT scans but is still a bit more expensive given the high cost and rarity of the specialized equipment.

Higher electronic zoom– Imaging sensors have increased their resolution in recent years. New generation sensors use MP CCD sensors that yield higher resolution images.

Autofluorescence– Using radiation at a predefined wavelength to excite tissues and make spectrum analysis possible. The fluorescent image captured, when correlated or used on top of the mainstream image, improves the diagnosis.

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Karl Storz Light Source