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IV Iron Infusions

Introducing our IV Iron Infusions, a swift and effective solution for iron deficiency anemia. When oral supplements and dietary changes fail to increase your iron levels, Accelerate Health is here to help. Our IV Iron Infusions bypass the digestive system, delivering iron directly into your bloodstream, for rapid absorption and utilization by your body. No need to let iron deficiency anemia reduce your quality of life; let our IV Iron Infusions be your path to renewed energy and health.


Iron Infusions are a fast & efficient way to treat iron deficiency anemia. If oral supplements and dietary changes don’t work for you, Accelerate Health can help!

Individual iron infusion protocols are developed by our directing physician. We require some recent lab work before your iron infusion to ensure that iron infusion therapy is right for you.

KEY NUTRIENTS: Serum Ferritin Level, CBC (Complete Blood Count), BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel)