Rapid Recovery. Mega Relief.

The Mega

We’re excited to unveil the Mega IV, the ultimate solution for those extreme situations when you need a significant health boost, fast! Whether you’re battling a severe stomach bug, a monumental hangover, or an excruciating migraine, the Mega IV is specially designed to provide a rapid recovery. This powerful remedy is jam-packed with everything your body needs to swiftly regain vitality and function, making it a favorite amongst our clients for all types of “mega” health emergencies.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: The works! Clients love it for a mega stomach bug or food poisoning, a mega-hangover, or a mega-migraine!

KEY NUTRIENTS: Potassium, Calcium, B Complex, B12 MIC, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Glutathione, Anti-inflammatory Pain, Anti-Nausea